On a MeetUp hike, a business idea was born


Sometimes business ideas result from years of research, planning, and methodical thought. Other times, they’re born of a moment’s inspiration, as with Would I Lie To You? Mural Walks.

One day on a MeetUp hike though downtown Richmond, the group stopped before a huge and captivating mural on the side of a building bordering a parking lot. A discussion ensued about what the imagery meant. On the spur of the moment, George Tisdale concocted a tall tale for the high mural. It was met with laughter. On the hike went.

On George’s thinking went. Other MeetUp event organizers had hosted mural hikes that routinely were booked solid within hours of being posted, followed by long wait-lists forming. Clearly, people wanted to see and learn about the city's many murals painted by street artists.

What if George did mural walks with a twist: a brief story told at each mural. Sometimes the story would be true, sometimes false. The audience would have to guess each time. Chocolate prizes would be involved. And laughter. And disbelief.

George researched murals, made a list, and went on walks. He discovered murals not on his list. He discovered other murals had been painted over. He learned about the artists. He found titles for some works. Most murals had none. Based on a number trial-and-error mural walks throughout the city, George decided to launch a business. And Would I Lie To You? Mural Walks was born. 

Would George lie to you? Just give him the chance.