Richmond, VA

Would I Lie To You?
Mural Walks

Discover RVA's hidden street murals–with storytelling fun.

On each of our four fun walks around Richmond, you'll see over 20 murals and hear the captivating stories behind them. Ah, but is your host a reliable narrator? Sometimes, yes. Other times, no. You'll want to listen closely because everyone has to guess before the truth is revealed. By walk's end, you'll know who's a true believer – and who can be won over by a tall tale well told. Which are you? Come find out.

Go on four walks and see over 100 murals!

Carytown/Fan/Museum District Mural Walk


See a giant, dancing skeleton. A paean to luna moths. A man wrapped around sides of a building. Drippy black-and-white portraits. Unicycle bees. Monster fish. A spacewoman. A vampire witch. Busy, whimsical cityscapes. These arresting images and an amazing variety of others await you on this 1-1/2 hour, 3.1-mile walk that starts and ends on the southern edge of the Museum District in the fun and tony shopping district of Carytown. Learn more, including where to park.

Fan/Oregon Hill/VCU Mural Walk


Start at one of the city's most dazzling murals, a floating, segmented woman. Weave across the Fan, encountering a burger-obsessed elephant and a supine eagle pierced with an arrow. Come upon a bizarre, comical camel in Oregon Hill. Then at VCU, discover hidden, alleyway gems. It's a little over a 3-mile walk, done in 1-1/2 hours or so, that combines the historic Fan with eclectic Oregon Hill and the vibrant, urban campus of VCU. Learn more, including where to park.

Monroe Ward/Downtown/Jackson Ward Mural Walk


A tattooed building. A tiger-man chasing a sombrero with legs. An eavesdropping fly-headed space shuttle. A fungi man. A foreboding smiley face. A sphinx-like dog. A four-lion face-off. A kissing robot couple taking a selfie. Woodstock and Snoopie. See these and other captivating murals on this 3+ mile, 1-3/4 hour journey through historic city areas brimming with new life. Learn more, including where to park.

Canal Walk/Shockoe Slip and Bottom Mural Walk


From a mural covering adjacent walls, to 12 murals in the preserved shell of an old power plant, to Shockoe Bottom alleys and main thoroughfares, this walk takes you to an imaginative owl, a jam-packed hive of robots, a building-long key, stacked turtles, a three-eyed warrior atop a ferocious lion, and the largest still life of fruits and veggies you'll ever stand before. Over about 2 miles. In 1-1/2 hours. Learn more, including where to park.